Our mission is to make waste removal simple

Dumpsters have been around for a while but there was a time when we didn’t have them. Trash was once tossed anywhere. As populations grew this quickly became a problem. The dumpster was introduced in 1935 by George Roby Dempster as a more efficient way to remove waste.

The potential of the online rentals

Apollo Disposal is a dumpster rental company based in League City Texas that brings rentals to the internet. Despite internet businesses growing faster than the rest of the economy, only a small percentage of waste removal companies operate online. You have to call for complex pricing, hidden fees, no shows. We aim to fix all of these problems with the industry.

Removing the barriers to renting a dumpster helps more homeowners and businesses get started, and focusing on the project that matters to them. Waste removal is dirty, but we want to make the process much cleaner.

Removing complexity

Customer focused

We actively look for ways to make our clients experience better. Communicate with a booking specialist through your entire dumpster rental from delivery to pick up.

Online bookings

Our online booking system makes renting a dumpster easy. Choose the day and time window you need and make your payment online with any major credit card.

simple pricing

Pricing is completely transparent. Know what you are going to pay before booking. We don't hide any of our fees behind a phone call or lengthy contract.